MyRay, just right for me!

Perfect for me, ideal for my dental practice.

We have decades of experience in the dental sector. We understand your requirements and how your workflow will improve if we give you the right tools. We create those tools by constantly focusing on your real needs.

Our goal is to provide dentists and radiologists with nothing less than the very best available technology.

It's an approach that demands innovative ideas, ideas which turn technology into tangible benefits that can be appreciated in the dental surgery every single day.


MyRay is a worldwide name in image-assisted diagnostics, a brand that has earned the trust of dental professionals and radiologists all over the world.

The product range, each with specific technological innovations aimed at enhancing the in-surgery work experience, includes intraoral cameras, X-ray units and wireless sensors, 2D panoramic imagers, Cone Beam 3D multiple imaging platforms and high-performance software.
Now present on every continent, our sales team enjoys the support of highly qualified technical staff offering local assistance and remote support via the web or over the phone. All MyRay personnel benefit from intensive product training at regular intervals to ensure they're always ready respond to your every need. Our promise of reliability, then, extends far beyond the product itself to include the sound, specialised advice we provide to our customers.



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