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Enhance your workflow with the Zen-X digital X-ray sensor

In an age where everything must be as fast, optimised, functional and immediate as possible, efficiency and workflow have become two key words in the dental care field. Today, we can safely state that the present and the future of dentistry are inevitably digital.


Digital technologies improve the workflow from the diagnostic stage through planning all the way to treatment, reducing patient exposure and timing. Digital radiography, for instance, is faster and more practical than traditional X-ray films.

Digital radiography allows for immediate diagnostics

Digitising the diagnostic phase means being able to directly capture images without having to use chemicals or scanning - in other words, without having to move from the operating room. The image is then stored in the patient's folder on the computer and can then be easily retrieved for consultation or comparative tests. The advantage of intraoral sensors is obvious not only from an organisational point of view, as they ensure a smoother workflow, but also in terms of time saving - which is considerable for both the dentist and the patient.

Our solution

Zen-X is the intraoral sensor offered by MyRay designed to improve diagnostics. The excellent HD image resolution and user-friendly interface make it extremely functional and easy to use. The direct USB connection to the PC, with plug-and-play technology, allows for instant capturing and viewing of radiographic images, saving a considerable amount of time.

The Zen-X sensor has an internal layer of optical fibres, which allows to maximise resolution while preserving the sensor from unnecessary exposure to radiation, offering all the advantages of direct digital technology in high definition. In addition, it is able to simultaneously acquire up to 5 images, with different levels of sharpness and contrast, which can be customised as required. The original MultiMAGE feature designed in MyRay is supported by the iRYS software capabilities, allowing for pre-setting of the most advanced and versatile image processing filters available.

Each dental professional will be able to set different filters according to their diagnostic and visual preferences.

iRYS is the all-in-one solution for 2D and 3D dental diagnostics. It offers the simplest and most complete tools for processing and managing images in an easy-reference patient file. It ensures quick navigation through the acquired images, which can be calibrated and displayed with pre-settable filters.

After capturing, the images are uploaded directly to the PC, saved, viewed and shared with the iCapture (TWAIN) software for any dental practice management software. Alternatively, they can be managed directly in iRYS (DICOM) if equipped with a free viewer and APP for iPAD, which can be used for interfacing with hospital DICOM nodes, printing images or sending them via e-mail. All this ensures an even faster and leaner adaptable workflow.

The sensor has also been designed with patient comfort in mind: it has an ergonomic design for ideal positioning in the oral cavity, with rounded corners and a flexible cable, and with the option to choose from two different sizes. It is made of top quality, dust and liquid resistant (IP 67-certified) durable materials and is compatible with all intraoral X-ray generators.

To find out more about the features of MyRay Zen-X, click here for the data sheet.