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HyperionX9 Pro

New imaging generation

Full-touch 10'' control panel
Full-touch 10'' control panel
Full 3D with FOV up to 13 x 16 cm
Multi-layer panoramic images (MultiPAN)
QuickScan 2D/3D

Powerful, reliable, easy.










Solutions that combine
efficiency, ergonomics, design
and cutting-edge technology.

A comprehensive, innovative instrument range
to optimise your workflow,
improve communication with the patient
and make your every diagnosis perfect.



Easy and intuitive 2D/3D imaging software

Simple and efficient diagnosis and planning thanks to the best protocols and the iRYS software filters.

Cutting-edge orthopantomographs and X-ray systems

Selecting a MyRay orthopantomograph or X-ray system means getting the most from the surgery with cutting-edge, high precision dental instruments. All dentists can take advantage of truly innovative X-ray equipment that provides detailed information on the health of the patient’s teeth and optimises examinations, diagnosis and treatment planning. A fast, high-performance digital X-ray system gives dentists accurate data and images, saving precious time whatever the treatment. Orthopantomography and dental X-rays need to ensure comfort, safety and reliability: discover the range of phosphor plate scanners, orthopantomographs and intraoral X-ray systems most suitable for your needs.




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