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Artificial Intelligence Cephalometry

Designed for practitioners of all experience levels and skill sets

Providing the tools you need to increase case acceptance, boost productivity and save time. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to automate diagnostic and analytical dental imaging tasks, such as cephalometric analyses, teeth segmentation and airway volumes.

CephX is a CLOUD-based software easily accessible from any web browser that enables users to share, manage and analyse patient images quickly.
It receives images directly from MyRay iRYS in order to take advantage of the automated service for instant:

  • CEPHALOMETRIC ANALYSIS performed on digital 2D ceph and 3D CBCT volumes. Ceph-tracing algorithms can instantaneously provide custom tracing. You can personalise superimposition & add profile overlay to the cephalometric analysis report (exportable).
  • TEETH SEGMENTATION 3D, Diagnosis Validation and Treatment Planning Tool (STL export & Video recorder).

PRO and DESIGN version

Platform for prosthetically guided dental implant rehabilitation design control, covering the entire surgical template production flow.

MyRay RealGUIDE PRO is a multi-platform software (PC, MAC, iPAD, iPhone) that allows for advanced implant planning by using  innumerable CLOUD-based, continuously updated realistic implant libraries (complete with abutments and bushings).

It allows for a  certified, optimised (MEDICAL DEVICE) workflow designed for specialist clinical use. It can be used to make surgical TEMPLATES via  3DIEMME services and/or directly in-house using the RealGUIDE DESIGN software version and 3D printer.


Smile Lynx
Smile Design Solution

Smile Design Software easy-to-use which allows dentists to design, visualize and show their patients the smile of their dreams and share the project in real time with the orthodontist in a few simple steps.

MyRay Smile Lynx is the digital smile planning software available for Windows and Mac, easy to use with direct interface to MyRay iRYS software. During the first appointment In less than 10 minutes, the dentist shows the patient a fantastic "before"and "after",furthermore associatesthe project to the patient card directly in MyRay iRYS.

Smile Lynx improves dental-patient and dental-technical communication. The patient clearly understands the treatment plan, thanks to the help of the images and so has full confidence in the professional thanks to a treatment plan planned jointly and the dental technician receives precise information to finalize the work.IThe resulting design can then be imported into the Lynx 3D CAD software, allowing the lab to print or mill restorations.