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High frequency dc generator for sharp images and lower effective dose

The constant potential high frequency generator (DC) provides sharp images with the very highest level of detail.

Compared to AC systems, they also reduce exposure times and the amount of harmful radiation by containing the dose administered to the patient.

A focal spot of just 0.4 mm - one of the smallest available - ensures images are always sharp and of the highest quality. High definition real-time imaging.



Precision diagnostics

Superb image definition: sharp edges and excellent detail.

An embedded collimator cone gives a source-to-skin distance of 30 cm.

This increases X-ray parallelism, providing more precise images, lower doses and ensuring greater attention to patient health.

RXDC offers maximum flexibility and optimum X-ray quality whatever the type of sensor connected.



Multi-Mode automatic exposure parameter modulation always ensures optimal time and power selection. Parameters are, in fact, adjusted automatically according to patient build and the region under investigation.



Attention to patient health is meticulous thanks to the constant potential DC generator with adjustable power (from 8 to 4 mA). Moreover, rectangular collimators can be used: these reduce the irradiated body area and thus lower the dose received by the patient.



The ergonomic handle is designed to maximise grip comfort and ensure easy, stable positioning of arms and tube head. A protractor with a graduated scale allows optimal repositioning of the tube head.



Simple installation, versatility, reliability

RXDC provides outstanding adaptability and simplicity of installation thanks to extruded aluminium arms with an integrated self-balancing system that can be pointed in 6 directions - available in lengths of 40 cm, 60 cm and 90 cm. All parts are made from materials of only the finest quality to minimize maintenance costs and reduce the risk of accidental vibration during acquisition.




Versatile and adaptable

Wall-mounted with variable positions or in a mobile cart-mounted version (to be shared among multiple workstations), RXDC is extremely versatile and easily adapts to all your working needs.

Technical specifications

Generator Constant potential, microprocessor-controlled
Working frequency 145 - 230 KHz with self-adjustment (typically 175 KHz)
Focal spot 0.4 mm (IEC 336)
Total filtration 2.0 mm Al @ 70 kV
Anode current 4 / 8 mA
Voltage at X-ray tube 60 / 65 / 70 kV (*)
Exposure times 0.020 – 1.000 seconds, R’10 and R’20 scale
Source-skin distance 20 and 30 cm
Irradiated field Ø 55 mm and Ø 60 mm round
Additional collimators 35 x 45 mm rectangular, 31 x 41 mm and 22 x 35 mm, for sensors size 2 and size 1
Power supply 50/60 Hz, 115-120 V AC ±10% or 230-240 V AC ±10%
Duty Cycle Continuous operation with self-adjustment up to 1s/80s total
Arms (for Standard version only) Available in 3 lengths: 40 cm – 60 cm – 90 cm
Max. arm extension 230 cm, from wall
Certification CE 0051, FDA approved
Versions Standard (wall mounted) or Mobile (on portable cart)

(*) values depend on the country where the product is marketed.