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Hyperion X9 pro, the compact, hybrid HD imaging device for PAN, CEPH and 3D

What makes the X9 pro the best choice for dentists is the way it combines powerful imaging capabilities with such a versatile platform.


From 2D X-rays and panoramic exams through cephalometric imaging to HD volumetric scans with 10 different fields of view, the latest addition to the MyRay range of imaging devices meets all clinical needs, including temporomandibular joint examinations and ENT applications.

Hyperion X9 pro is easy to work with thanks to a user-friendly interface, guided patient positioning and patented Morphology Recognition Technology which enables automatic exposure parameter settings, suited to the patient’s anatomical features. 

For 2D exams, the special latest-generation sensor, easily relocatable to the ceph arm when present, generates ultra-high resolution panoramic images while keeping the irradiated dose to a minimum. The reversible teleradiographic arm can be installed on both sides.

An upgraded generator and 3D sensor delivering high-quality images with minimum irradiated dose using FOV sizes going from 4x4 to 13x16 cm allow dentists to perform countless exam types, each with dedicated scanning protocols to achieve diagnostic images with up to 68μm resolution.

Look no further than MyRay’s Hyperion X9 pro for a wide range of clinical diagnostics. A modular, scalable solution, which fits perfectly into tech-oriented dental surgeries looking for 2D and 3D capabilities.